Sunday, 25 March 2012

BIG ouchhhh...

'Walopon assgmnt menimbunnn,, still jari runcing2 ni nk gk menaip kann' 

yesterday kitowng berbig kat umah anak yatim baitulehsan.. mmng best sangat2.. first time, i experienced doing activities with anak yatim,, they all r very cute-mute.. range of deir age between 6 to 17 years... de most interesting..they r very very islamic.. they did not encourage the boys to mix with girls.. so v have to separete them wen we conducted de actvty tuhhh... :)

A day out at an orphanage in Taman Maluri with my friends and my mentor is a part of our training. (ayat skemaaa)..ha3..A number of interesting n fun activities were planned for d kids.. fun laaa sngt kann,, =p The day started off with aerobics for d little ones. got 3 different activities at 3 stations: Science, Art n Craft n English Language! The inmates had an enjoyable time and v had invaluable experience handling real kids!! wowww!! very challenging kott..The final activity was a religious n motivational talk for d kids by ustaz syaari..mmng de bez n de bom sngt ustaz tuhh,, very energetic n cool motivater. shuker sngt ustaz tuhh.. ^__^ The day was rounded up with lunch at d playground!! All in all, it was thoroughly enjoyable day n our  Saturday well spent with d less fortunate. The smiles on the faces of d children more than made up for d tiredness we felt. gtuuuu,, ha3 ayat x ley bla jer...Well done sume!! Here are some photos taken during the event. wuhuuuuuu... jom tengokkk...

ni la diaa ustaz sha'ari,, de bomb sngt..

time nih i rase so motherly...ahhhaa

cute-mute kannn diowng

have more pictures actually,, but den apokan dayo,, got assigmnt to complete maaa,, uwwwwaaa...sob2..doakan saye berjayer...da x larat daaa nk wat asgmnt..two weeks ni diselubungi misteri asgmnt jer...k la assalamualaikum...zasssssss


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